Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Do You Snack On?

I enjoy a good, satisfying snack in the afternoon.  Right now I'm snacking on a 5.3 oz cup of nonfat Greek Yogurt, mixed in 1/4 cup grape nuts cereal and drizzled on a little honey (less than a tsp).  The Greek Yogurt is 2 PP, the 1/4 c grape nuts is 3 PP and I didn't give myself any PP for the honey (1 Tbsp is 2 points and I used WAY less than 1 tsp even).  It was a delicious, healthy snack full of fiber and protein.

Starbucks is selling a Greek Yogurt Honey Parfait right now.  One of my friends recommended it to me and I about DIED when I looked at the nutrition information!!  Check it out here.  The PP value for this tasty treat is 9.  I think I'll continue to save myself the 4 extra PP and keep making it on my own (and I'm sure mine is much cheaper, too!)

A helpful hint for Greek Yogurt...try not to buy the sweetened, flavored ones.  They're LOADED with sugar and, therefore, carbs.  Buy the plain ones, sweeten it with a little drizzle of honey or some frozen fruit.  If you mix in the frozen fruit (0 PP) the night before, it'll be all thawed out and ready for a mid-morning snack the next day!  Also, if you decide to add the grape nuts, I like to let it sit for a few minutes so they soften a bit.  (But sometimes it's really hard to resist eating it immediately).

Let me know what your go-to snacks are!!  I'm always looking for some new ideas :)

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