Monday, April 19, 2010


Well...Day 2 of the grilling challenge and I've failed.  :(  I needed to go grocery shopping this morning to get those yummy portobellos for tonight's dinner and then this happened.  We were stuck in the house all day and who knows if we'll get to go out for groceries tomorrow.  I ended up having an egg and sausage sandwich on an English Muffin.  It was good, but it's no portobello!  It's a good thing I have the staples on hand...milk, eggs, bread.  If all else fails we can at least have French Toast!!

Hopefully we'll be feeling better tomorrow and we'll be able to get out to the grocery store (and NOT the pediatrician's office) so I can make some fajitas on the grill tomorrow.  All I need is tortillas and a green pepper!

Well, goodnight and check back tomorrow to see if we're back on track for grilling.

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