Monday, January 2, 2012

What's Cooking?

It's a new year!!  What are you cooking this week?

Here's our menu for the week...

Monday:  Make-ahead Manicotti (can be found on
Tuesday:  Homemade Turkey Potpie (made with leftover Christmas turkey, homemade broth and I'm even going to go crazy and make the pie crusts!!)
Wednesday:  Leftovers (Hey, momma needs a break sometimes!!)
Thursday:  Smothered Pork Chops (a Weight Watchers recipe that is one of my favorites)
Friday:  Asian-Inspired Salmon (a recipe I found on the website YEARS ago that I still love to make)
Saturday:  Fettuccini Carbonara (can also be found on

I'm trying to have some "regular" meals to make my meal planning easier.  Monday is meatless meals (saves on our budget).  Tuesdays will be chicken (the cheapest meat I can find).  Wednesdays will be a crockpot meal or leftovers (We go to play after school on Wednesdays so I need an easy meal night).  Thursdays will be beef or pork. Fridays will be seafood night.  Saturdays will be the night to try a new recipe or to have leftovers if I'm not feeling ambitious enough to try a new recipe!

By categorizing each day of the week, it made it super easy to go ahead and plan out dinners for the entire month of January.  Yay!  Now I have a list of all the meats or other items I don't generally keep on hand so I can watch the sales flyers from our local stores to see when something goes on sale.  Then I can pick it up when it's on sale and SAVE MONEY!!  The only downside to planning the whole month at once is that I'm sure hubby will come to me at some point and say, "We haven't had chicken fajitas in a while.  Any chance we could have them TONIGHT?"  :)  I'll just have to tell him they'll go on the menu the first Tuesday in February.  Ha!

Happy New Year and Happy Cooking!!!

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